Generate any course in 5 minutes

Once, creating a course used to take months. With EverLearns, that can be done in 5 minutes. Think about all the time, effort, and energy you save! Educators, content creators, and parents — This is what you've been looking for.

  • EverLearns Studio - Turn anything into a course in 5 minutes | Product Hunt
  • EverLearns Studio - Turn anything into a course in 5 minutes | Product Hunt

Are you...?

  • A content creator

    looking to create and share more educational content for your audience

  • An educator

    wanting to save time on manual course development work to focus on more important things

  • A busy parent

    finding an efficient way to build high-quality courses for your children

If the answer is YES, you're in the right place.

Here's how EverLearns will help you
generate quality courses, FAST.

  • Step 1

    Set Up & Generate Your Course in Just 5 Minutes

    • Any Topic, Any Audience, Any Language

      Simply tell us what course you want and your preferences, and we'll customize it to suit your needs perfectly.

    • Turn Your Materials into Courses

      From YouTube videos to lecture recordings, we can turn any content into a high-quality course.

    • Human-Centric Generation Process

      We believe the best courses are crafted with AI, not just by it. That's why we involve you throughout the process for your valuable feedback.

  • Step 2

    Edit & Create Interactive Content Effortlessly

    • Save Time with Auto-Generated Lessons

      Our platform generates lessons automatically, leaving you with more time to focus on refining and enhancing your content.

    • AI-Powered Smart Editor

      Our built-in AI editor simplifies the writing and editing process, making it easier than ever to create engaging content.

    • Add Interactive Elements

      Ditch the plain text lessons! Our editor offers interactive features like quizzes, flashcards, and mindmaps to elevate your content.

  • Step 3

    Share Your Course with a Single Click

    • Publish Your Course Instantly

      With just one click, your course can go live on the internet and reach your students instantly.

    • Convert Your Course into a PDF

      Export your entire course into a PDF format for easy sharing with anyone.

It's FREE to generate a course curriculum on EverLearns!
Once you're ready to get the full course,

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    $20 / month

    billed yearly
    Save 3 months
    • 2 member(s) included
    • 10 published courses
    • 2 GB of storage
    • 1 custom domain(s)


    $83 / month

    billed yearly
    Save 2 months
    • 5 member(s) included
    • 50 published courses
    • 10 GB of storage
    • 3 custom domain(s)

Frequently Asked Questions

The best courses are built with AI, not by AI!

Creators worldwide are embracing the power of AI to enhance their course creation efficiency. Now, it's your turn!